Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sock for the post

I have been busy with school for all of April.
So busy, that I haven't posted this awesome pic of my pole sock.

I did it a few weeks ago, while I was staying at my gf's house. There is this pole on the way to her house, sticking out of the shrubbery. I imagine it was a sign post at some point, but now it is just a hacked off metal pole sticking out of the ground, ruining the scene.
Or it was.
Now it is this marvelous pole covered in this pole sock!

What do you think?
For me, this screams the epitome of my yarn bombing. It's something cold and sterile from the urban world, and I tried my best to make it more decorative, bright and cheery.
I wasn't sure how to attach it to the pole at first. I knew that if I just slipped it over, it would be gone in a matter of moments. And there wasn't anything I could tie it to (I entertained the thought of tying it to the shrubbery around the base, but I figured that wasn't very nice to the plants). Then I came up with the brilliant idea to duct tape it to the pole.

I brought along my silver sharpie and wrote the following on the black duct tape (for the record, it's actually gorilla tape, which my roomate Alice says works better than duct tape. I dunno. I guess everything I have used duct tape on has worked out pretty well).
"This is Art, not garbage."

I would say the duct tape was a good call, cause it was there last time I check, which was 3 or 4 days after the bomb. That always makes me happy. To see them again.
My gf said someone pulled it up one day. It was stretched out and hanging floppy, but was still secure. No one seemed to want to peel back the tape.
She pushed it all back on for me. She's very sweet. And super supportive of my bombing.
I hope you enjoy.
I totally was gonna do another empty pole by my house. I had even started! But it got signed just today. Darn xD
Just have to keep working on other projects.


  1. I missed your posts!
    The tape is GENUIS!

  2. I know hey! Thanks a lot. I missed posting them. I am working on getting a bunch together, and now that summer is here, the mad bombing can begin!