Saturday, June 11, 2011

International yarn bombing day: The morning!

So it has sucked to be at work all day and sneaking peeks at what has been going on around the world in yarn bombing.
And am so impressed with a lot of the things I have seen so far. I cannot wait to see everything once it is all collected.
Anyways, I want to share with you guys my IYBD experience.
On a side note, these are the pictures I took with my phone. My roommates mom followed me around and took pictures. She was really into it and wanted to be a part of my yarn bomb experience. I hope to get the pictures from her later.

First, I planted this lovely mushroom in the garden of this woman who lives near my house. Her garden always kinda makes my day when I am walking home. I hope she likes it.

After that, I tagged the bus stop. Mostly because my gf was waiting for the bus there at the time, but it does look nice.

Then I spent a good 15 minutes (or at least it felt like it. It was actually only 7, but still! 7!) throwing my bolas at the power line to get it up there.
I will have to up load a picture of the bolas close up sometime.

(I chose to put it there because of the two tennis balls on a string that are also up there)
Then I put another mushroom on the grounds of the ledgeslature, under a lovely tree.
I hate to say that I doubt this one lasted long tho.

I did another on these lights down in the inner harbor that look kinda like mushrooms.
A lot of people had positive comments about this one as they walked by as I was putting it up.

And then the grand finale, or the reason why my roommates mom had come along in the first place.
See, I had this grand plan to tag the statues with Katamari heads. (side note: In case you are unsure, Katamari Damacy is the awesomest videogame. I love it). I had The Prince's head for the man, and a Katamari ball for the girls head.

So I started and got them on. A couple tourists were enthralled and took pictures and asked my roommates mom what was going on.
Then the city grounds keeper guy came a long and started being a jerk.
He demanded that I cut those off, and told me I was defacing the statues and that I was disrespecting our soldiers.
You know, had he asked nice and not been a jerk, I probably would have just taken them down.
As it was, I left them on after he walked away.
I knew he would be right back to take them down, but it is the spirit of the thing, you know?

The best part of this story (yes, the guy did take them down. After my roommates mom left me so I could go to work and to meet up with her husband, who had been tailing us in his car the whole time lol, she went back and saw that he'd already removed them... less than 10 minutes... damn) is that after he took them off, my roommates dad, stole them out of the guys wheelbarrow while he was away!
So I still have them!
Hahaha! Yay for International Yarn bombing day!
More to come soon!! Stay tuned for part 2!

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