Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down by the Bay

Hey peeps!
You all recovered from IYBD?
I know I am still riding the high. Last night, after dinner with family, we all went to Beacon Hill Park to see if my tree tag was still up.
You know what??? It was! I was super happy. That's two weeks that it has been up and it's my biggest tag, so you can imagine how happy that makes me. I'm just peachy-thrilled!
Also, that post fungus I did in the park was still there too. And someone attached an earring to it! They added art to my art!

Anyway, that's ketchup on IYBD. The Bolas is the only other one from that day to survive... mostly I think cause it is on a power line.

So the other day, my gf and I went down to the beach. It was technically the first day of summer and besides being crazy windy, it was a nice day.
So we found a reasonably sheltered part of the beach and I went to work.
I picked out some of the best larger sized rocks I could find, and started covering them in yarn. I hope to do this all summer, and see if any of them survive between my trips down to the beach.
I did a green one.

And a blue one,

And a pink one,

And a multicolored one,

And an orange one,

And last but not least, I did a red one.

Also, do you guys remember the last time I went down to the beach to crochet?
Well the one on the stick is still there! It's a little worse for wear. It looks a little tugged on, and also has bird crap on it, but it is still there!

I am glad that some of my tags remain when I go back to look at them. I hope that same feeling makes other people happy too.


  1. Immediatly when I read the title of this post i started singing (inside my head)"where the watermelons grow..."

    anyway love the rocks. Maybe its just me but I feel like there is less yarn bombin in nature settings people tend to gravitate to urban stuff maybe its subconscious to go with the word "graffitti" but anyone i especially enjoyed these photos

  2. Thanks so much! I want to do more. One of my goals this summer is to spend more time down at the beach crocheting and bombing!