Monday, January 10, 2011

Many Hyperbolic bolas


This is Chelsey. She is wearing one of my bolas on her head.
That's not what it's for!
But it turns out that it might not work for what it is for anyways.

Me and my friend Alice went out and tried throwing two of my new bolases around. (the one that I posted last post is still in my room)
It was fun. I took out some branches, feared I would throw it into traffic, and generally got them all tangled up in branches.

Now the effect that I was going for was to wrap around a branch, much in the way a bolas swings around someones legs.
These pictures are of the two different bolases I have made (in addition to the one I showed last post)

(I like this one. It wrapped sorta good)
But whether it's because of the yarn or the rocks being to light, it didn't quite throw the way I had hoped. I couldn't quite get the momentum I needed, or the control.
Practice makes perfect. I will make more and see what happens. Either way, they are fun to make.

P.s. Here is my friend Emily trying to use my awesome Sword umbrella to see if you could knock out the first toss (which went wild and ended up as such) of my bolas I made. Seems like you can't XD

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hyperbolic Avestrucera Bolas

I cannot wait to see if I can use this thing!

I have no idea where, and a friend of mine has suggested that I try practicing with it before I acctually try bombing it.
But I think it's awesome.

Friend: You can't do it over traffic.
Ok ok, I won't.
Friend: It's filled with rocks!
Yes, everybody, the center of these bad boys is a rock a piece. Then I did a hyperhoblic "fringe" as it were around the outside. I think it turned out rather well.

And look! Rainbows!
I then friendship bracleted the two hyperbolic rock balls together to form a bolas that I can throw, tagging this sweet piece some place outta reach.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hyperbolic Crochet

ok guys, wow.
Just wow.
I don't know what to say other than that I am addicted to making hyperbolic crochet!
I have made three different "creations" since I started less than a week ago. I thought it would be something awesome to do while my gf was in Disneyland over xmas.
Turns out it is more than awesome, it is my favorite thing to crochet so far!
Check out this first one I did.

I sent it to one of my best friends for her birthday... which is like in 2 or three days.

And then I made one sorta like it, but denser. And three colors instead of 2. My buddy suggested I outline it in the orange. I agreed, and I think it looks great, but it ate the last of my orange XD

The last one, I was trying for something else. I got this instead.

I am not complaining though, because I think this one is my favorite so far.
The green really pops in real life, and I like that you can see both the blue and the purple underneath.

I was trying to make a whole rainbow. Maybe I can make it work on the next one.