Friday, August 23, 2013

Integrate Arts Festival 2013

A friend of mine had told me about an art festival that was gaining momentum in Victoria. I decided to go out for auditions as it were, and show the organizing committee my work.

                                     (My work for the committee that I showed at our meeting)

I went with coral, because it's the west coast (do we have coral??) and because it looks cool to see urban objects (like bike racks and electrical boxes) covered in fluffy brightly coulored coral.

I was approved and I decided to do two yarn bombs. One set up before the event and the other, a live installation.

We'll, the installation of the before hand one went well.

here are some pictures of it on the electrical power maintenance box.

Don't worry, it's all safe. I didn't cover important parts of the box.

But sadly, the piece didn't even make it the whole event. I would have thought Integrates Arts Festival would have put more effort into maintaining it for the duration of the event, but sadly they did not.

The live installation was worse.

(Tiny Finn from Adventure time! I was trying to make more characters, but I got distracted with coral for the other piece)

It started raining as I was putting it up, so that impacted who would come, but worse, the festival organizers were supposed to bring the tour people around when I started and they never came. It was super disappointing.

All in all, I wouldn't do the festival again. For how much energy I put in I didn't feel respected or a part of the festival at all.
In fact, I felt really used.

But I did do a really cool coral reef piece, my largest installation of coral yet! So that's something to be proud of!

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