Friday, June 13, 2014

International Yarnbombing Day 2014

Hello! And welcome to another amazing edition of International Yarn Bombing Day!!!

I will admit, this event is getting less and less attention as the years go by, but I still enjoy doing it! 2011 was my first year, where I just tagged a dozen things. Then the next year, 2012 was the epic picnic! Then 2013 was the Adventure time piece in the park, and this year is....


Ok, so I originally wanted to do the original 150 Pokemon! But that got hard really quick with school and relationships and everything else life throws at you, so here's the 16 or so Pokemon I did make, and some pokeballs.

First there is Cubone in the grass

Then Diglett and Dugtrio in the dirt so they can dig around!

Then Electrode was looking for electricty at this lamp post

These Exeggcute are just looking for some fun

Ghastly is just hanging around this tree

Grimer is happiest where there is garbage and gunk

Jigglypuff will sing to you as you relax in the park

Koffing is hanging around outside the Men's room, enjoying the weird smells emanating from within

Magickarp doesn't do so well outside of water, so I put them in the water fountain

Ninetails was just prancing around the field

Tiny Oddish!

(their little leaves were felt)

Shellder needed a drink

Voltorb needed a jolt too!

One of my personal favorites was this adorable Weepingbell. I hung it from a tree!

And Weezing was hanging out with Koffing by the Women's room.

I also made a Cloyster (which I kept cause it ended up looking epic and I seriously couldn't part with it) and several of the eveevolutions, that I ended up sending to a friend for their birthday.

All of these pokemon were super small. Like, smaller than your hand in most cases, with Ninetails being the biggest (and taking freaking forever to make!)

Here are some of the Pokeballs that I hid around too. I wanted them to be fun to find, like the Pokemon.

I wish I could have done more, but what I did do was super well received! There were all gone in no time. While some part of me is happy people like them enough to take them home, it would be nice if people left them for other people to enjoy.

Feminist theories have really made yarn bombing difficult on so many levels. But I do so love making crochet things for people to enjoy!

Bonus: Here is the Cloyster I kept

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