Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Woolley Poles Contribution

So the Woolley Poles was a success!

On November 17th, my coral reef piece was put up on a pole in Auckland, New Zealand.
I gotta say, I was in suspense about this one for a long while.
But it turned out amazing!
Here it is up on the pole with the other red pieces. There was a kind of rainbow theme as the undercurrent. I really liked that part.
Here you can see the rest of the pole that it was apart of as well. I like to think it's rather predominant. It was so much fun to make.
 And here is the card attached to one of the poles describing the event.
You can check out more pictures on the Facebook page for Woollypoles or Knitty Graffity's page soon hopefully.

I hope I can do more of these events in the future. There is something amazing about sending my art all over the world.

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