Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Impromptu yarn bombing

One day, I was heading to the mall.
Couldn't have been much more than two weeks ago, maybe early December, later November time.
It was raining at the time, and I really just wanted to get into the mall and grab a tea. I don't think I was having a particularly good day.
When suddenly, I happen upon an abandoned knit item.
Now, I didn't think it was a scarf. It may have wanted to start it's life out as a scarf, but it still had stingy ends hanging at either end; I'm not even sure one end was even tied off. It simply looked like someone's work-in-progress had fallen out of their bag.
So I recovered the piece from where it had fallen in the dirty, wet grass, and placed it on an empty pole in front of a parking space. The pole too must have had a greater purpose once upon a time. Perhaps it was handicapped parking, or marked off small cars only.
Either way, the two of them joined together to make a lovely impromptu yarn bomb.
I hope they made each other very happy.
I know they made my day a whole lot better.
I realized that I haven't been doing as much yarn bombing this year as I have in previous ones. Here's hoping that for 2012, I get back in the swing of things and bring you all some amazing yarn bombs.
With that in mind,
Do you remember the 21 days of yarnbombing last November?
Well, that spider from Day 3 is STILL UP!
Oh yeah! 13 months and counting!
Of course, it has clearly seen better days...
: )

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