Monday, August 23, 2010

Bridge Protection

I have recently gotten in the habit of tagging my friends bikes.
They like it, I like it, brings attention to yarn, so it's win/win for everyone.

But I have been having trouble with one friends bike. He has a lot going on with it already, so there isn't really a place for me to easily place a tag.
I did come up with an idea though: To put a shield on the front of his bike, like a knight jousting (but bicycle instead of noble steed XD).

It didn't fly though. I should also mention that my friend has a broom on top of his helmet, emulating the Marvin the martian style. It was slightly thematic, but he said it was all too bold. -Pfft-

Anyway, the shield that I made for his bike, ended up being the lovely centerpiece for this bridge, over looking Victoria's lovely *coughshittycough* new Uptown complex. Bah.
In case you were wondering, the images are as follows: An X, the infinity symbol (which didn't show up well in these images due to flash), a fleur de lis, and a red dragon XD

My Bike Tag

When my bus pass ran out for summer, I realized I would have to transport myself somehow.
I had a couple run down broken bikes that were more frames and rusted metal/broken rubber than anything else, so I didn't have a working bike.
Buddy of mine lent me the use of his old bike though and here it is, in all its tagged up glory XD

         I like it XD

I finally have a bike that has a milk crate on it. I have always wanted that.

Tall Tales Books Knit In

While I was perusing my Google Reader one afternoon early August, I came upon an entry from talking about a knit in event happening right here in my town! (

Of course, I was super excited and counting down the days.
The day of, I packed over half of my yarn into my knapsack (along with a couple tags, just in case), and all my hooks XD
Then biked down to Tall Tales Books on Fort st, Victoria BC

It was a wonderful little sit in event, with cookies, and those bite size brownies (which I totally love) and Tea. I had the blueberry tea, which was fabulous XD
I brought a friend of mine along too, because I thought it would be fun. I taught them how to crochet and helped them along with it. We listened to the women talk about things in their lives and it made me realize I really aught to join some sort of knitting group.

I was working on a tag for my bike while we were all sitting there (which I will put in the next post) and one of the ladies asked me what I was doing. I told her it was a tag for my bike. She then asked, what a tag was, so I explained Yarnbombing.
One of the other ladies asked me how I got involved with Yarnbombing and I explained about the Yarnbombing book. She then proceeded to tell me that she knew Leanne, one of the authors of the Yarnbombing book! I was so thrilled, and then to make me even more thrilled, she asked me if I would tag the front of her store.

I think I nearly died on the spot.

The really entertaining part was the yarnbombing site said in it's entry that there might be yarnbombing at the event. I just didn't know it would be mine.

Thanks again to those lovely ladies at Tall Tales Books, and to the awesome creators of the Yarnbombing book that got me into the spectacular hobby <3

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tribute: Hufflepuff style

My girlfriend is really into Harry Potter.
Can't really blame her. They are rather fantastic books, and a wonderful world that woman created.
Anyways, she is a Hufflepuff.
She even has the whole hufflepuff student outfit (including wand) and dresses in it every halloween and HP movie opening
In honor of her love for Hufflepuff (and so she could have something to post on her blog I did this tag on her bike.

Pretty snazzy bike too if I do say so. I am jealous.
Although mine does have this handy milk crate.
I want to do more bike tags. Maybe even cover a whole bike.
But not this bike. This bike is too nice to cover all up.

P.s. She really loves it XD

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I fear that Yarnbombing is going the way of the dinosaur.
Not for me! I mean, I am still really keen on doing it. Everyday I come up with new ideas that I want to try out, and will hopefully do so in the near future.
Not to mention the tags I do have finished that simply need to go up.
But I do feel as though the knitting/crocheting community at large has gone on to express themselves with Yarn in another way. Not quite sure what this other way is yet, but I have stopped seeing all the wonderful tags on people's blogs and whatnot.
If I am mistaken, please, someone let me know.
I don't want to believe one of my favorite hobbies is dying XD