Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainbow fishies!

This was originally supposed to be for my gay friend David.
I was gonna put it at his bus stop.
But honestly? At 11:00pm I didn't want walk 3 blocks there, and then 3 block back, when I had to walk form 20 minutes home anyways.
(<--- This is me doing this tag)      
Either way, I did put it between his house and my gf's house! So he'll pass it and I will as well.
I think it was a brilliant compromise.

My friend David really likes fish.
A lot of people in my life right now like fish. Roomate, guy who lives down stairs, David.
I think I did an ok job of portraying fish.

This is the last of the rainbow yarn I got from my friend at the pride lounge. There may be more rainbows in the future, but none as matching as these ones I imagine.


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