Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 Ketchup

In 2015, I got romantically involved with a person, and needless to say I completely stopped yarnbombing.

I didn't do anything for IYBD and in fact forgot it was happening until after the date had passed. To be fair, I had mentioned it's overall decline last year.
And at Fibrations, I set up some lovely pinions, but no yarn bombs (the pinions were bombed tho, fabric, and looked most excellent). I did make a small felt Calcifer, from Howl's Moving Castle for a small child tho! That's kinda like a yarn bomb!

(to be honest, I couldn't quite remember what he looked like. I was just thinking, fire with eyes)

I still crochet tho! As indicated by the Groot I made, as well as my "procrastination blanket"
Basically, instead of studying for exams or writing my paper, I clean... but when I have cleaned most things, I crochet. Thus I started making hundred of square motifs for....

                                                          My Portal Turret blanket!

This is just the turret part. I plan on having a whole blanket part surrounding it. It's gonna be huge! This is a hundreds upon hundreds of squares project.

Perfect for procrastinating!
I will still keep you posted on my amazing crochet works. I hope to still do more yarn bombing in the future, or Soft Sculpture as someone has recently coined my works, and maybe you'll see my yarn bomb esque stuff in an art gallery some day,
I've really gotten into felting and other fiber arts, like cross stitch and general embroidery. I'm a Spencer of all trades one might say, when it comes to fiber art. Now to learn spinning! -laughs-

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