Friday, March 22, 2013

Finn up a Tree

What time is it?!
It's Adventure Time!
Yes, that popular children's (what? Children's show? Have you seen it? I cannot believe it is a children's show) show has wormed its way into my heart.
When I realized I could draw Adventure Time character, I was thrilled.
But when I realized I could crochet them, I nearly died.

I've made a few Adventure time amigurumi's, but this is the first one I've bombed.

It's Finn! He's up a tree (like the strange 4th episode of season 5).

He's located at a local playground. I tried to put him just out of reach so his life span might be longer, but mostly I think he'll go home with some nice child.

I cannot wait to bomb the rest of the characters I have made.

Funny side note, I have had to re-make Jake the Dog three times. The first time, friends of mine came over, and they thought that this one kid in their class (they teach grade school) would absolutely love it. So I let them have it and they gave it to him for Valentines day. Let's just say his grin was from ear to ear. The second one, another friend came over. This one however, didn't even know what Adventure Time was, but liked the "funny little dog", so I let him have it. And today, I finished making another one.

So you have something to look forward to! Especially if you are both a yarnbombing and Adventure time fan!