Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long time no crochet

You know, I have still been crocheting.
I just recently finished the piece that is going to WoollyPoles in New Zealand.
I am always super excited to be apart of projects like this one. I feel like one little cog in a great yarn bombing machine.
(I apologize for photo quality. I really need to stop using my ipod...I don't even know the resolution!)

I decided to go with coral reef because I have become obsessed with it (as I have mentioned before). I decided to go with something I hadn't tried before.

I sewed a seaweed type crochet piece into the background before adding the coral. Oh wow did it work out well! I love when I can impress myself with my work.

I mailed it off this week, so soon it shall go to live in its new home in New Zealand! This whole project has been great. be sure to check out other yarn bombers progress here!

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