Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beginning to look a lot like x-mas

You may have noticed that I did not complete the 21 days of yarn bombing.
I gotta say, the way the weather and my health took a turn for the worse in that last week of 3, made it neigh impossible to get my yarn bomb on.
But in resting, I managed to make wonderful crafts for my first ever craft fair!
(well not first ever if you count the ones I helped my mom do when I was a kid, but those weren't handmade crafts like these)

This is a picture of my table!
Look at all the neat crafts! A lot of nice people had wonderful things to say about my crafts.
People said I was creative.
And a little weird. It all made me smile.

I hope I get to do more craft fairs in the future.
It was fun and I got to meet some great people. This one girl, who was helping her grandmother and selling cute candy cane reindeer was really into my sushi. She saved up her earnings all day to buy some, so I gave her a deal. She was a sweetheart and made my day.
Happy crafting everyone!

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