Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring has sprung in the form of Toadstools!

This last week, the crocuses began blossoming all over. The front yard was full of the beautiful yellow, purple and white flowers.
They make me so happy to look at, so small and sprouting out from the grass.
I wanted to make something that would draw everyone's attention to the wonderful little flowers.
So slowly, one at a time, I pumped out these adorible little mushrooms!
It started with only one.

Then two, but by then it was getting dark, so you couldn't see flower or mushrooms really well.

Then the cute little would be Mario Mushroom XD

Then more! Lot's more (well, 7). Pink with black spots, yellow with black spots, dark green with orange spots, red with white spots, light green with orange spots, blue with white spots, and dark red.

All in all, I love them! They turned out really well for a spur of the moment project idea. The people I am staying with really love them and all kinds of people have been stopping to look at them or just generally smiling and pointing as they walk by. That makes me feel the best. I want to jump up and down and crow when that happens!

I bet they're all posionous too, what with those hideous spots. Except maybe the fuzzy red one. Then again, it is fuzzy.
And the crocuses!! Man, they are so pretty. Victoria rocks.

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